Thursday, July 6, 2017


They've got tons of different color chalks marking the roads throughout some of the park, one of which runs behind the house. I was expecting to hear all kinds of racket yesterday as they dug up the roads for whatever the fuck it is there going to dig up, but they haven't started yet. Really hope they get to it while I'm still on days. Seriously there's always, ALWAYS something going on in this park! I could hardly stand to sit out on the patio yesterday because all the landscaping sounds around me were driving me crazy. It just never fucking ends. Even on the holiday I could hear the sounds of saws and wood chippers buzzing away.

On the fourth, we watched the parade go by with Jim, Bob, Virginia, and some woman that told me I had beautiful hair, which was worn in a braid going down my back that day. I asked Virginia if she knew what they were going to do with the roads, and where I would have guessed it had to do with water pipes, she was suspecting cable. Everything of ours is underground here, including the electric.

Anyway, the parade didn't last long. There were maybe about 25 golf carts going by, and a few kids on bikes, along with a few cars. Tom was kind enough to make sure the woman, whose name I forgot, got home safely. She was very old and frail and used a walker. She lives a few houses down from ours, heading toward the cemetery.

I guess Bob and Virginia must have serious AC issues because I've seen a heating and air conditioning van working at their place about four times now.

Not sure if I ever mentioned Randy in any of my public journals before. He was our mailman up in Oregon for a while and he was such a super nice guy. I was bummed the day our new mailman told us he'd switched routes.

Well, a long time ago I sent a message to a Randy on Facebook that worked for the post office and lives in that town. It was hard to tell from his picture if it was him or not, but I kind of doubted it. The months went by and I figured he never got the message or chose to ignore it. Eventually I forgot all about it until yesterday I was surprised with a reply. He said there was another Randy that was probably the one I was looking for and that he thought he was still working there, but he himself was retired. He suggested I call the PO. Instead I filled out an online form requesting to make contact because I would love to exchange hellos. I was told that my email address was passed on to him, so hopefully I'll hear from him soon. It would be nice to reconnect after a decade.

The solar hula dancers arrived yesterday. They're so cute. The one in blue dances on his dresser, and the one in pink is in the kitchen.

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