Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reincarnation Study

Still feeling and sleeping okay since cutting back my medication. I knew damn well that’s been the main culprit all along, just as I’ve always said. The question will be how much more tolerant I’ll be to it once I hit menopause. I'm making sure to take enough, though, and I can tell I am. My hair is growing like weed and I'm not gaining weight.

I haven't watched the whole thing yet, and I still don't know if I believe in gods, devils, angels, afterlives or reincarnation, but I'm watching a YouTube video in which real doctors at a real university conducted studies on over 2500 cases of children around the world who claim to have memories of past lives. Only problem is that kids have very active imaginations. Also, they claim the kids accurately describe someone that once lived. But when you consider that there are so many different people with so many different personalities, lives and physical traits, pretty much any description will fit someone who is dead or still living.

The interesting part was one kid who said they got their fingers chopped off in a past life that was born with deformed fingers. Then there was a boy claiming to have been shot in the side of the head in a past life that was born with a deformed ear. Well, I was born with a deformed ear yet I certainly don't remember being shot in the head in any past life.

I doubt we're reincarnated even more so then I doubt there's an afterlife, especially with the way the world population fluctuates as it does. When people want to believe something bad enough, they usually will, and I think it brings comfort to most people to tell themselves that there are gods and angels that care about them, that their loved ones go on, and that they will too. Still makes for an interesting and entertaining video just the same.

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