Saturday, July 15, 2017

Twilight Swimming

Happy 71st birthday, Linda Ronstadt. Haven’t been into celebs since the 90s, and while you sometimes came off as a bitch in some of your interviews, you have a great voice that has produced many a great album. Your music gave me inspiration to improve my own vocals, and much comfort as a child. You were my escape from an abusive mom and enabling dad. I don’t follow what’s going on with you, but I hope life is being kind to you despite having Parkinson’s.

We went swimming just after 9:30 this evening and swam for about a half hour. We had the whole pool to ourselves. It was so nice. Well, the water was a little chilly until you got used to it, but it was great. I was going to go in the Jacuzzi but found it too hot. Then when I jumped back in the pool it felt like bath water. It was so peaceful and relaxing that if I didn’t have to pee so bad I wouldn’t have gotten out when I did. It was 95° at the time.

Although I expected it, no one ever came to dig up the roads where they painted various cryptic markings in different colors that probably makes sense only to those who painted them.

As for our roofing plans, we’re going to either do it next year or leave it to the next people, but most likely we’ll do it next year. There’s a new kind of solar roofing that is a lot more expensive than regular roofing. If after a year it gains popularity rather than turns out to be a bust, that’s probably what we’ll do the roof with. If worse comes to worse and we go from spots to actual leaks this winter, we’ll call them out to patch the roof till it can be redone.

I was watching a YouTube video about a woman who was a druggie and hanging out with all the wrong men. She claimed she was given a glimpse of hell from God and promised through this “vision” that this would be her eternity if she didn’t change her ways.

I personally think her “glimpse of hell” was likely a drug-induced nightmare, but if any of this were true, isn’t this blackmail? What kind of God gives someone this kind of ultimatum and threatens them like this? If we wouldn’t put up with a fellow human being treating us this way, why is it acceptable if it’s a God that may not even exist?


  1. Do you like Stevie Nicks?

    1. I like some of her songs but not her voice.