Monday, July 10, 2017

Will Someone Please Shake My GYN Awake!

Tom’s working late today and I don’t have much more to update on other than dreams. Been sleeping okay and mostly anxiety- free.

I just wish my GYN could get it together. Now it’s until August that I should be doing the steroid treatment until I see her for reevaluation. Oh, and sorry for any miscommunication.

After having a dream that I was awake for two days and afraid to go to school or whatever job I had on day three, I woke up after just five hours of sleep. I took my thyroid pill, saw Tom off to work, then did some cleaning. After a shower and some food, I fell back asleep for a few more hours. And then I dreamed some more...

I was talking to some people, two of which were characters in my book. I guess I was part of various groups for various reasons, and one of the characters asked how they would know what group I was in. “Gymnasts are always shorter than most people,” I told her.

Then some guy was playing me a taped conversation on his phone. “This conversation makes me think you’re right on about the step-kid possibility.”

Not sure whose step-kid was possible, but I answered with something about looking it up.

Some other guy said it would take five minutes.

In the last dream I was hanging outdoors somewhere with Andy and a much younger female friend of his. Unlike in real life, I seemed to really like beer. I wore low-rise shorts and a halter, and as I approached the two of them with a beer in each hand, I could see Andy checking out my stomach muscles with a mix of surprise and envy. I then handed one of the beers to Andy, telling the girl that I didn’t think she wanted one, and that the rest of the company was too young (I nodded to a little boy who suddenly appeared). I told her I would still be happy to get her a beer if she wanted one, hoping she would decline despite Andy's encouragement because I really didn’t want to share that many.

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