Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Someone asked me if I thought barring gays from adopting was discrimination. Isn’t that like asking if water is wet? Of course it is! Quality of parenting should matter, not gender or quantity.

I’m sick of living in the west. I’ve been sick of it. The way dogs are treated like outdoor ornaments. The way some groups are favored. The high cost of living in this state. Being so far from family. If I’m going to be so far from family I’d only want it to be because we ended up able to go to Hawaii, LOL. I wouldn’t expect to see family more than once or twice a month as we all still have our lives to live and I still have a sleep disorder that puts me on nights half the time, but just to know they weren’t thousands of miles away would be nice for a change.

Yet while we may be adventurers at heart, we don’t want to take the same foolish risks we took when we left Arizona and then Oregon. This means it really is best to wait until he’s retired. Out of curiosity we jumped on Zillow to look at manufactured homes in Florida and I was a little surprised at how many were comparable in price to those out here. One of them, right on a lake, would have been perfect for us, but the 14K price tag told me there was something wrong. All the places in that retirement community were cheap. Tammy confirmed that there was a lot of gang activity in that area. I figured as much. Some people just love to ruin things for others, don’t they?

The requirements seem to be the same as here... You can't have a record and you have to be of age. At least we've got that much on our side. We just don't want him to have to scramble for a job as soon as we got there, then hope it paid enough to support us. It would be better to know exactly what we had for money beforehand. We’ll start getting a better idea of that in a couple years.

Another problem is that because I live in a country so anti-universal healthcare, we have to factor in the expense of having to buy me healthcare between the years he retires and I turn 65. I really shouldn't go more than a few months without my medication. But we live in a selfish world. No one wants to pay to help others. Therefore I honestly can't see universal healthcare in this country in our lifetime. People would rather put their energy into restricting the rights of others than helping others.

So we’ve basically got a bunch of twisted laws and corrupt cops enforcing them. It sure seems that way, anyway. Especially if you’ve been sexually harassed, threatened, prank called and bullshitted like I once was by the police when I lived in New England. Forget about being set up and having my civil rights violated like in Arizona, even if the cop spearheading it ultimately lost his job cuz of me and God knows who else he might’ve abused his authority against.

Screwed up world or not, there are worse places to be stuck in than this, so it’s not all bad.

Almost got an iPhone yesterday because I wanted a device for listening to music on that’s easier to tote around than my MacBook Air. Not being a phone person to begin with, though, I decided to settle on a cheap Windows tablet.

We went to Raley’s for a few things, and soon I gotta back up my stuff on One Cloud.

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